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There are five ways to earn points:

  1. Unit Leader Bonus Points
  2. Stations
  3. Sled Inspections
  4. Mountie Questions
  5. Campsite Inspection

Patrols and dens with the highest scores receive awards—several units will be eligible for prizes. (Dens compete against other dens.) The Sled Race is a competition that awards a ribbon for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, but does not receive any points.

1. Unit Leader Bonus Points receive 50 points maximum (earned during check-in)

2. Stations receive 10 points for each event

  • 5 pts Skills & task equipment
  • 3 pts Scout Spirit
  • 2 pts Patrol leadership

Scouts visit stations and complete tasks supervised by Stationmasters. Events are scored for completing tasks and demonstrating leadership, team-work, and Scout Spirit (have a patrol flag, cheer and great attitude ready).

3. Sled Inspection receives a max of 20 points

  • 10 pts Scout-made sled
  • 10 pts Equipment packed & secured

Scouts use sleds of their own mak-ing. Those without a unit-made sled may bring a store-bought one for sta-tion events, but the sled race requires a unit-made sled. Sled inspection is required for competition placement.

4. Mountie Questions receives a max of 10 points

Mounties stop patrols to ask questions taken from the Scout Handbook. Correct answers gain one point per question for a max of 10 points.

5. Campsite Inspection receives a max of 40 points

  • 5 pts General order & appearance
  • 5 pts Fire extinguisher in campsite
  • 5 pts Site unit identity (sign or flag)
  • 5 pts Site perimeter marked off
  • 5 pts Garbage receptacle
  • 5 pts Ax yard clearly marked/staked off
  • 5 pts Fire in a fire bowl/barrel and no wood with nails used
  • 5 pts Adherence to Leave No Trace principles

Mounties inspect campsites during the Klondike events.

Sled Race receives a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place ribbon (no points awarded for this event)

  • No more than 8 Scouts per sled
  • Sled must be unit-made to enter
  • One Scout must be transported in the sled during the race


Stations activities are designed to encourage patrol leaders to manage their time, maintain their scorecard, and to strategize stations visits. Activities are not timed, so those with practiced skill levels may complete stations faster than others, while others who are learning skills may spend more time at a station, resulting in a higher skill level but fewer competition points. The Sled Inspection station is required to place.

All necessary equipment must be packed on your sled unless otherwise noted.

Sled Inspection (Required)

Scouts use sleds of their own making. Those without a unit-made sled may bring a store-bought one for station events, but the sled race requires a unit-made sled.

Patrol Photo (Required)

A group photo of the patrol will be taken in a specific pose.

Ice Rescue

Patrol serves as rescuers to a victim who’s broken through the ice. Using rope and a weight, tie multiple rope segments together with at least three of the basic knots: Square Knot, Sheet Bend and Bowline.

Rescue Flag Raise

Using Round Lashings, construct a flag pole from 4 poles or staves (provided). Attach the patrol flag and raise the pole. The pole does not need to stand by itself.

Yeti Throw

Throw a spear at targets to earn points. The more accurate the throw, the more number of points earned!

Search and Rescue

Answer survival questions and demonstrate skills for what to do if lost. Tasks include creating ground-to-air signaling symbols using your own equipment to signal rescuers

Blindfolded Stretcher Carry

Build an emergency stretcher using two 6-foot staves/poles and a blanket. Blindfolded Scouts carry another Scout (not blindfolded) on the stretcher through a course with direction from the Scout on the stretcher.

First Aid

Treat medical situations such as a broken arm, collarbone and leg; frostbite; hypothermia; cuts; head injuries and lack of breathing.

Compass Bearing

Provide the bearing of a designated object, navigate around an object, and orient a map.

Map Symbols

Identify symbols on a topographical map, and identify compass elements.

Fire Lighting and Pancake cooking
Start a fire and then cook a pancake using that fire. (Pancake batter will be provided and spatulas are allowed but not required) Timing stops when the pancake is eaten. There will be an award for the best time.
Totin' Chip (needed for ax or knife use) and Firemin' Chit cards are required.  Patrols receive one point for using something other than a lighter or match.
Height and Distance Estimation

Estimate the height of a tree or pole, and a horizontal distance to that point.

Bow Saw

Use a bow saw to cut a large log. A Totin’ Chip/Whittling Chip is required.

Spider Web

Pass each patrol member through a rope spider web without touching the web.

Smooshboard Race

Walk through a course on two 2x4s as a patrol.

North Pole Obstacle Course

Navigate your sled through a treacherous trail to the North Pole and back.

Firewood Gathering

Build/lash a Native American travois (isosceles triangle) and transport firewood.

Fast Compass

A circle is laid out with about 20 numbered pegs around its perimeter. In turn, each Scout goes to the center of the circle and is given a compass reading, then determines the number of the peg in the direction given.

Ice Flow

Two parallel lines are marked to represent the banks of a river. Scouts estimate the distance between the lines.

Knot's Extravaganza

Know your knots and earn points! This knot tying stations is a timed event.


Note: Other activities may be included to add challenge and variety