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What To Expect

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What To Expect

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What To Expect


The Klondike Derby builds youth leadership and teamwork, so . . .Boy Scouts lead themselves.

The Patrol Method is adhered to. Adults are discouraged from accompanying Scouts during the competition. Judges, Stationmasters, and Mounties direct their comments to the patrol leader. Scouts conduct events without adult input or supervision, relying on their patrol leadership, team-work, skills and preparedness. (Adult leaders are okay to help Dens.)  If adult leaders must accompany their patrols, they do so from a distance (i.e., for photo ops), but patrols lose points when adults coach. 


  • Two-deep leadership, tour permits and rosters are required.
  • Safety is paramount. Scout leaders ensure proper planning and preparation. Leaders check gear—footwear, headwear, gloves, pants and other dress—prior to arrival.
  • Any condition or situation such as adverse weather that compromises safety may result in the Derby being altered or cancelled.
  • Park only in designated areas.
  • Follow all Leave No Trace principles.
  • Higher-scoring teams demonstrate preparation, teamwork, leadership, and complete the most events. Prepare for the well in advance.
  • Showing Scout Spirit earns points. Have a patrol name, flag, cheer and a great attitude. Lack of Scout Spirit and safety violations are grounds for dismissal.
  • Follow Youth Protection and safety guidelines. For example, “When staying in tents, no youth will stay in the tent of an adult other than his or her parent or guardian” (Guide to Safe Scouting).
  • Another concern: Flames are not permitted in tents (Guide to Safe Scouting). “Only flashlights and electric lanterns are permitted in tents. No flames in tents….Never use liquid-fuel stoves, heaters, lanterns, lighted candles, matches, and other flame sources in or near tents.”
  • The event may be amended to adapt to on-the-ground situations.
  • Remember: We’re all volunteers. Be kind and courteous.


Ensure that your unit is prepared: snow boots, snow pants, heavy jacket, and gloves/mittens. Wear proper foot-wear for winter conditions. Sneakers are not allowed! Wear wool socks over a pair of wicking socks. No low cut shoes unless covered by gaiters or water-proof boots and heavy socks. Wear headgear for head and ears. Hand warmers are nice, but not a necessity. Scouts not appropriately dressed for cold and snow must remain in the care of an adult leader. Remember: Cotton kills!

Unit leaders are responsible to check each Scout’s clothing and equipment before arrival.


Oregon Trail provides lunch on Saturday. Units prepare all other meals for themselves. Participants bring their own bowl, fork, spoon and cup.


Portable toilets will be available at select locations around camp.  


Campfires are prohibited unless maintained on a fire pan or in a burn barrel. Fires must be supervised at all times. ALL remains must be packed out! The land we are camping on is private property.  Please do not burn any pallets or wood containing nails. Also, please make sure all tent stakes are taken home with you.  Nails and stakes can damage farm equipment and tires when planting/harvesting crops on the property.  Let us be courteous stewards! 


Participants are responsible for removing all camp remains including fire remnants, ashes and refuse before leaving. Each unit must carry out all garbage since there is no trash collection. Although the Klondike Derby is officially over Saturday afternoon, units may camp through Sunday.